Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

                          IOWA STATE COLLEGE 
                          OF AGRICULTURE AND MECHANIC ARTS 
                                   AMES, IOWA 
                                     October 16, 1937 
          Prof. Aldo Leopold 
          1532 University Ave. 
          Madison, Wisconsin 
          Dear Aldo: 
          Some years ago the late John P. Bird of LaCrosse sent 
          me the inclosed letters and pages from his shooting 
          journal. I was wondering if they may contain material 
          that you may care to use in some of your future treatisesý

          on hunting practices and conservation history. To my 
          knowledge, I never met Mr. Bird, and my correspondence 
          with him was very limited, but since you mention his 
          name in your Game Survey I assume that you knew him. 
          Aside from the quite pathetic personal digressions in 
          his letters, you may find them of considerable interest. 
          I think that I am justified in sending this material to 
          you, for Itm sure that I will never find occasion to do 
          anything with it, and if it has historical value I would 
          like to place it in appreciative hands. 
          INC *                       Paul L. Errington 
          PLE-BB                      Res. Asst. Professor