Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

/%j    A?43               R.C.A.F. FLYERS MAKE SURVEY OF BUFFALO 
                  "Making 1,300 miles from McMurray, Northern Alberta,
in less 
            than 12 hours, a party of Royal Canadian Air Force flyers, headed

            by Flight Lieut. J. C. Uhlman, arrived back in Winnipeg after
            uneventful flight which completed a census survey of the buffalo
            the Wood Buffalo Park. Party left Stevenson Field, February 12,
            a mission for the surveys branch of the Northwest Territories
            Yukon, to make a count of the buffalo herds found in the park.
            than 1,500 animals were counted. The experiment was to determine
            an accurate count could be made from the air." 

            The practice of sowing grain of various kinds in duck marshes

      is one that is frequently carried out and one which usually produces

      good results.   There is a distinction between planting grain as a

      duck food and trying to make a profit from duck club land as a ranch."

      A recent report has been received in this office, showing the resul
the crow and magpie campaign conducted by the Provincial Government in Alberta,

covering the years 1924 - 1929 inclusive. 
      This control work on the part of the provincial Government has undoubt-

edly saved a great many young wild ducks and eggs from destruction. 
      We are listing below the results of this campaign: 
                                Crow & Magpie                  Eggs Taken

      Year                      Birds Killed                 Crow & Magpie

      1924                          44652                        107116 
      1925                          38275                         70002 
      1926                          52864                         44769 
      1927                          22255                         73823 
      1928                          27971                         48858 
      1929                          54418                        202218 
      From the United States Department of Agriculture, we quote: 
            "Erroneous statements regarding the open seasons on large

      brown and grizzly bears in Alaska have appeared in two recent arti-

      cles in the press of the country, according to the Biological Survey

      of the United States Department of Agriculture, and the bureau has

      made the following announcement to correct otherwise misleading im-

            A recent review of the new amendments to the regulations un-

      der the Alaska Game Law, which become effective on July 1, included

      a statement from which it may be inferred that non-residents of 
      Alaska may hunt large brown and grizzly bears at any season of the

      year except in restricted areas. This may be misleading to those who

      are contemplating going to the Territory to hunt after July 1. The

      open season for non-residents for hunting these big game animals 
      throughout Alaska is from September I to June 20. In certain areas

      along the Gulf of Alaska and on the Alaska Peninsula residents of 
      Alaska are restricted to the season September 1 to June 20, but 
      elsewhere in the Territory after July 1 they will be permitted to 
      hunt these bears at any time of the year. 
                                    ESTABLISHED 1002