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 2. National "coordination" committee: to include National Executive

 Board, National Directors, state and regional presidents and secretaries,

 Arms and Ammunition Institute, Committee on American Wild-Life Policy, 
 American Game Survey, U. S. Biological Survey, Asociation of Fish and 
 Game Commissioners, Societies of mammologists, ichthyologists and orni-

 thologists, etc. Functions. to apply prooddure of project and to build 
 league membership to carry out local and state programs in accordance 
 with ocorrelation" principle, 
 3, Technica committee:  This would naturally split up into groups as 
 follows: (1) those persons who live in Lansing; (2) those who live at 
 Ann Arbor (University) and( 3) those in other towns and outside of the 
 state. The local members will probably have most to do with the actual 
 conduct of the work. Membership: Staff of the Game Division, Michigan 
 Conservation Department; members of the faculty of the Zoology Depart- 
 ment, MiLhigan State College; members of the faculty of the School of 
 Forestry & Conservation, University of Michigan; representatives of

 the U. S. Biological Survey, probably Mr. Grange, Mr. Leopold and cer- 
 tain members of the Michigan Academy of Science. 
 4. Field councils would include the same personnel as the Technical 
 committee, along with the members of the national and local control comr-

 mittees. Field assistants and research workers. 
 5. State Policy committee to have large composite membership, to in- 
 clude the technioal and control committees. State division board of 
 Governors, Institute of Fisheries Research, Fish Division of Conserva- 
 tion Department, members of Conservation Commission and representatives

 of other conservation and sportsmen's organizations.  This organi- 
 zation would be parallel to the national Coordination committee, and to

 the oommittee on American Wild-Life Policy, and would function as an 
 "advisory oomservation committee", which is so highly desired.
 would take the place of the former "Miohigan Conservation Council",

headed bb Herbert Stace. It is believed best to tie up any state.wide 
council to definite projects. Otherwise this body might become more 
of a nuisance than benefit. 
         This will be a sequel to the pamphlet entitled, "Michigan's

Game and Hunting Situation". 
1. Stabilization of conservation administration through retention of 
personnel and correlation of methods. Public acceptance of correlated 
methods necessary. 
2. Plea for factual procedure and experimentation within well-defined 
bounds. Efforts will be made to head off "barber shop" biologists.

3. Advocacy of a system of small well-distributed wild-life refuges 
throughout the farm-game territory to permit a 30-day pheasant huntnN 
season. Conserl    oao~ftga~               n8lvisýiOfgnrty to inaugurat6
long season a' 

Ad voacoy of aployment of student assistants and for officlal parti- 
aipation in the "environmental control' method. 
        It is desiredeto support the School of Foresty & Conservation

  of th Univerity of iMichigan, Which evidently oani play only a secondary

role in. this project. 
         Also, endeavor should be made to siae-tros.t attempts to inveigle

the Conservation Deptment into suh 'hopeless projects as t     props 
tionl anrd disetributifon of AwildR turkeys and Introductin of exotios, 
with consequen waste of time, money and effort.    It i s evident that 
we should endeavor to mke te most of what we already have, notably 
nlat ive species suc as ruffed grouse. 
         AwoQdingly, it is planned to promoteq a ruffed grouse and 
prair'ie chicken project throug cooperaItion of the Univer'sity~, and De-

partment and oertain c   iaptes o the Michigan Didv ion. 
         There isa a 4,,500 &oare state game. refuge near Midland,i wiih

which the Midland, muskrt, grous. nMd pairie chi.cken. 
         There is a good house on the property, formerly used by the 
         This loati~on would4 be suitable for' an experiment such as 
carier.d on now by Dr Gar'di~ner Bumkp of Now York- 
         It I.s proposed4 to have the Wolverine State Chapter and the 
  Chapers t Pontiac, Flint,, Saginaw, Bay City a~nd Midland, aend Grand 
  Rapdsand such oter as my wa~nt to join in, to finance two fe~llow-~ 
ships ina the School of Forestry & Conservation for conducti~ng a wil~d-

land cover' mana~gement project on the Mid4land refuge. This would be a.

state proect, but would Illustrate bow, the proeedure of this principal 
project canm be adapted and applied. 
                     VOCA¶TIONAL COURSE AT ML. It, a. 
It is expected that the Wolveri~ne State Chapter will f inance the four 
scholarships for the voca~tional field worklers. 
         It is planned to us