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                                                New Soill ftilding 
                                                April S. 1935 
Mr. A, Lawrence Dean, 
Ixtonalon Serrie 
State of Virginia 
Slacksburg, Virginia 
Dear Mr. Dean: 
           I do not have a particularly eomplete colloction of 
literature on artificial propagation, but I he" the impreasion 
that the ayailable literature varies grretly in dependability. 
           A- a sutartsr are you in touch with all of H. L. 
3todeards stuff and all of Coleman' s stuff? These two men are, 
I think, at the top of the list, and you can find at least a 
partially couplete bibliography for each in the appendix of OGame 
1!anagement." If later you want me to run through W collection 
of uitscllansous authors, let me 1now. 
           B3y %1artrideee do you mean ruffed grcuse? If so, 
tell me first whether you are in touch with all of A. A. Allen's 
staff and .11 of Gardiner Bump's staff. This again is indicated 
In the bibliography, and apnin I will run through my collection 
of miscellanecus meterial if you want me to. 
           Give r reards to O'Byrne. 
                              Tours sincerely, 
                                     Aldo Leopold 
                               In Char-e, Game hsearoh