Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

  New Jersey has successfully importk 
15,000 rabbits from Western States, t.llY 
spring, to augment the native ,supply. 
The cottontails were transported with 
but little loss and have been distributed 
in every county under direction of game 
wardens. None were released in the vi- 
cinity of farms producing crops that 
the "bunnies" , might damage. The ma- 
jority of requests for the rabbits, how- 
ever, came from the farmers. 

is clipping from the Journal, 3esey City, New Jersey. 
              "SATE   sUYS  s000 WB     AbSt0 to te.vauo 
        'E~ish pheasants and Missouri rabbits to the value of n 
have been ordered by the state for the pleasure of sportsmen. The Fish and

Game Commission, which has charge of restocking, is also considering the

purchase of 500 pairs of Hungarian pheasants, to cost about $3650 each. 
     The rabbits, I5,40of them, are expected to arrive late in December 
after the close of the open season and will be liberated in various sections

of the state. since 19Z when the first purchase of approximately 16,000 
was made, the commission      bought bout 586000. Records show that 
468,583 rabbilts were killed in 19Z6, 
     About Z,000 of the English pheasants have arrived, They cost $3.50 
each. Last year there were ZlO00 ringnecked pheasants liberated from state

hatcheries. In addition, the commission supplied eggs to farmers with the

stipulation that the birds should be treed after they were grown. In 19Z6,

75,599 pheasants were killed in the state.."