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     (F) Arit     a ndHstocil Stud    & Demonstration 
          Opportuities for such wrk as Frdric Rington's 
will soon disappear unless perpetuated on aras Ilike the 
Wi chit a 
          The artistic aetivit In nd adjacent to the 
Sa    Fe and Ctrsn Nationl Festu establishes beyond a 
doubt what vaible service Natioml Forests san rener 
in this field, 
          I think Mr, Barne's proposal to perpetu~ate a 
mal   herd of  iginal longhor& oattle on the Wiolh4a 
is xcelent, and sheld be carrie   out. 
          In cooperatien with the ary authorities at 
?ortSill, there in certainly alo an opportunity to help 
teac and perpetuate the rch historiel asseoeation, of 
the Wiahita rein, 
     (G) Facilities for Research & Muentios. The need, for 
a msum  aM an Institnal servi       has    s4 been 
pointed out. 
          Research in life hiutowi ev will be badly and 
needlessly handioapped without the use of bands and tsg 
forridentifying individual animals and birds. and the 
t               and reo  s to  w  them, The Biologeica 
Sr    ey  fiurish both te needed equipent and instrc- 
tiex in Its use* 
         The library iswdly deficient.  Wen hardly 
hope to maintain a library a4equate for research. but the 
present ore is not even adequAte for aminintration. Slow 
rwth is best,   I wuld be glad to  ontribt      estins, 
if reminded from time to time. Does the Supervinor get 
ge periodIcals? 
          I wo struck by the absenee of atlas folios er 
some other permanent devise for cumlative reors of gae 
stoek, forest piA, and observatioreon life histaries 
Th  outlies metiond under (D) will sugest som       Atles 
ca    n. T           inauguration of an Atla System should 
     n b o   plx,   It shoeld err turd simplioity. 
     (1R) FudAeces and l!iastion. The program DI.i 

         W  should got awy from the idea that these ae 
obtainble only from Congress. The S'pervisor has al- 
wecy pove   this in his recreationl development. 
         The fllowin lists are offered: 
Possible Sours of Sikil   ]een 
         CongressJiological Survey 
  Is    Waln League, Local     Start UniversilW 
    States atiol              Roosvelt wld Life Xp't. Sta- 
  State Consrvatin Departent     tion 
  Frm, Wild Life Pt. ftd       A    erioan ý logioel Sc i ety 
  Ameic    Bison Soiety        C  egie Institute 
  *arngie Institte              ueau Animal Industry 
  America  Game froteetion Ass'n.)rmeh of Research, U.3F.?S* 
  Natioil Audubon Society      Bureau of Plent Industry 
  Variou m  dowmts & Founda- 
  AntelopeConference (a Jeol 
  BoP.O. Elks 
          It is only fAir t here reord the foot that task 
of finacing the work needed an te Wichita, and gettin 
the eisessari skilled personnel, Is enormously handioapeA 
by the anmosities (as distinguishe from noml and nmse 
d sag ntc) xisting among practially all of he natiom-l 
leaders in the fiel of  m  eonervation* I reoor this 
  s~jplyto Alaat. in the event that this memo. should ever be 
read  y an oonsemtioist outuid the         est Seie, that 
so valuable a intional property as the Wichita be not mad   to 
affer on this acoOun. 
         The  u.estion of enlising the ooperation and spport 
of out side agmies for an enlarged progrm suc as here indi- 
satet cannot be covere in this memo., but I believe that most 
or all of the needed help ad gidawe osix be obteinet in tim. 
         I enclose copies of this memo. ad enclosures for 
Supervisor S    i  end the Foresetr's office, 
                                Associate Direetor 
                            Forest Products Laboratory 
Poes bl Sors  ofFud