Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

                          Dea. 27, 192 
       108 Massachsetts Av., 
               Boston, Mase. 
Dear Mr. Clark 
               When writing you on m cm   12 for the dates of winter 
kifllng of quail in Massachstts, I 414 not have in mind bothering 
you for data on the importation of Southern stock. Tht is another 
matter in which. as you know, I wa interested, but which sems too 
complicated to handle by mail. All I meant to ask for was the yer in 
whdic you could remember heavy killings due to winter weather. I got 
the impr.esion in my cnesation with you that you had data in yaw 
files. If this Is not the a&, please lot the whole matter go until 
we can talk it over. 
               Itusa a great pleasue to mot you, and I hop, that I 
shall have occmtaso to see you agi freuetly. 
                             Tows elneerely, 
                                 in Chrp   Gam  Swo.