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twonty-fivo s   ,ree. totalin  180 &a"e. With the  eeption of  e
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fams alfalfa production has not progreoee4 beyond the one or two ase trial

stag. Them 180 ces wild bee      fair  req. asletment for five or sis 
        If ftai    s to p  ide a better livelihood there wmst be fm 
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merit wat also be aped mmre rapidy thn heretofore. 
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of the ea.sco, co  eitiom of prevailin bslldaM , eto. %*o ma" b   w

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prevailin in the fiold, wit  t u       too m    t  ar       tty of 
faem fields. 
        It is noessaq7 for  t  fare family to opate  o lss than In  mors

of cop lnd. O    this besis the seven thousand &ore* of erop land would
reriately fifty to sxty, faers. It is quite probable that those fifty 
to sixty far    nigt also provide the loeal abor for the oare of fire Uses

and bihiwes, .spoeotsl) if they'a  1-3 worin 'bays. 3w% occasional 
"ploymot wold materially aid than in rehabilitating iA mAinatnaiui 
        Of the 10 sore of eop 1. there yeah    b  fm twty to thirty 
acre. of caltimted cops, the em   asmost of grain s", the ame amsist
logi    (preferbly alfalfa) or other m       heyr crop, te*t to thirty 
sore. of plowable asture, lan.   r twety to thirty acres of laEd evoted 
either to fallow or g       rIn   p  So*. A discion of saad soil 
rotatien* m A  atd ftn practices is not is order here. 

       Ther are a   t 350 aor** of ma     land in this ae.     ih shmld sot

be tle-4we   4,Wt kept as po  eit hay sows. 
       1917 reeent ti~alh Indicate the adatability and high pradutivmene0

of ft       arygas  Ths grass    be ue to pro   a Uettor quality Of 
hey than the preset Soft* grass*     n  alder brush cous  ing these marh
land. fam  eontigmus to *&rbes *shal& hav    a sutable portion.
of ueah 
lest to operte in eeajesotion with th    upland. Apliation*e of poteas 
phosphate fartilisere as marsh** todesirable. 
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       Th  p  oee of fire Iae* i to pride a suitablo lie for $bas 
tl    O ug  su ch fie as e0e  e0arly dtetioa  etuintion. !hq restrict 
the dangr area. the mut be acoeesiblo to wheelet traffic and maintained 
fallow In the firO Reason or ele b. in intertilleo or grea frm     cos sot

Oubjoet to firs. Continuity of fire Imes is important and It boars repetition

that their .saitanes, is a, if not more. imrtt t           any other 
activity In this area, fer the proteotion of the forest orop eat gae. proution

industries, as well as far   fie   pro toties ainst w    tm. 
       To r.Asoe the aro of poor lint 4eto4. to crop, their maximu width

shod     abot 2 ros. unless the altis of fair    ng value eat sootot to 
provide sfficit tillale lat for the oep.3t of the violaity. As          
that fire Ian** will    errs about 2- ros wi, their establismt mtit 
bring -umor cultivation about 20-      .0mces  The plean cosfines timuber
Weas of 
about 80-160 ass within fire lame*, sin     prst         wo. farm fieldse,
fir Ir e  to be establisht. If an.    premt hhtwero   e abmone   for 
public roead they should be cavertsd Into five lavoc. 
       lire I"e. will need to be established ely in the solid stade
of timber. 
erevr fields nw exist the fire Imse weuld be establishetd uo         that
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