Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

General Plan For The Selection, Development, And Maintenance 
Of Wild Life Areas For Massachusetts State Forests. 
        The primary purpose of establishing theseo areas is 
to protect, cultivate, and increase useful wild life as a 
valuable resource of the forest. This will provide a place 
where they can increase to the point where it will overflow 
to the adjacent land to produce normal breeding stock thereon. 
This in turn will enhance the surrounding territory by bene- 
fiting the farmer and providing recreation for the nature 
lover and sportsman. 
        Wild life is a product of environment, and as we im- 
prove this for any given species, a natural increase in that 
species will follow. 
        Because of the vastly different geographic topography 
found in various sections and the resulting difference in 
the Flora and launa, each wild life area must be worked dif- 
ferently in detail. 
        The choice of an area to be developed should be governed 
by the following guides- 
        It should be centrally located in relation to the area 
to be enhanced. 
        Its boundaries should be established upon well defined 
roads, or upon terrain where gravel or dirt roads can be 
easily constructed. 
        There should be a varied topography but not abruptly 
 so, gentle slopes and valleys are to be preferred. 
        There should be a year round water supply well dis- 
         The Flora should consist of food and cover interspersed 
with mixed forest types and clearings. 
         Enough native Fauna should be habitant to act as breed- 
 ing stock to fill the covers as they are developed.