Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

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very long times. 
        It takes f   forty to seventy-five years to produce a timber rorp.

If ever  fire which stats an   anM suffiotent ho*AW  rves & sectton 
or   quarter of a setin, the loss is too great. With my amont of travel 
thr.o*n w     of this kin the fire hazard Is ertaisnly prsent a  fires 
one- stared   r seldom put out until, attet by back fires, they barn thom

solves out upon soe well defined line.  he proble of fire cntrol is 
Confinement to & small ae&. 
        In this and similar  eas lae tracts support only serab o  or 
pine. Dotter groth is proludeA by low soil, nitrog   ad oranic satter 
"suppflis. The function of 1ues in nature is wall aerstoot. It 
absen. of lmes on              land, in 4o.eo pVia timber, ead in srcb o~k

openin   esp  atly those areas owpt by fires. is notiesable. The soil 
being naturally d-outhy, ait, and low in humus, the legaNe basteria perish

with the logus pluto and natural rvegetatin b    esm a  extrmely 
fortuitous ar    tane, whereby seat. bacteria. ad adequate moisture intro-

duatiso mut occur concurre.tly to bring about reestablitshent of £

leawnous population. Ti.s migt be pronounced Impossible, bat probably It

it would occur in a .eat=7 or two,   R      i2:8 fi  me" w ept out.

        Rhe production of soo4 of native luminous plant speeos for planting

on ar" to be "ftorested 2-5 years prior to setting trees, or eve
at the 
"s. time trees as set out. shoul-d recive the serious sonsideration
of thoe*