Woman as decoration

  • 1920
New York, New York: Dodd, Mead
  • "... intended as a sequel to The art of interior decoration."

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New York, New York: Dodd, Mead
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xxix, 326 p. : illus. ; 22 cm.
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  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. [Dedication]
  4. Foreword
  5. Contents
  6. Illustrations
  7. Woman as decoration
  8. Chapter I: A few hints for the novice who would plan her costumes
  9. Chapter II: The laws underlying all costuming of woman
  10. Chapter III: How to dress your type
  11. Chapter IV: The psychology of clothes
  12. Chapter V: Establish habits of carriage which create good line
  13. Chapter VI: Colour in woman's costume
  14. Chapter VII: Footwear
  15. Chapter VIII: Jewelry as decoration
  16. Chapter IX: Woman decorative in her boudoir
  17. Chapter X: Woman decorative in her sun-room
  18. Chapter XI: I. Woman decorative in her garden
  19. [Chapter XI] II. Woman decorative on the lawn
  20. [Chapter XI] III. Woman decorative on the beach
  21. Chapter XII: Woman as decoration when skating
  22. Chapter XIII: Woman as decorative in her motor car
  23. Chapter XIV: How to go about planning a period costume
  24. Chapter XV: The story of period costumes. A résumé
  25. Chapter XVI: Development of gothic costume
  26. Chapter XVII: The Renaissance: sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
  27. Chapter XVIII: Eighteenth century
  28. Chapter XIX: Woman in the Victorian period
  29. Chapter XX: Sex in costuming
  30. Chapter XXI: Line and colour of costumes in Hungary
  31. Chapter XXII: Studying line and colour in Russia
  32. Chapter XXIII: Mark Twain's love of colour in all costuming
  33. Chapter XXIV: The artist and his costume
  34. Chapter XXV: Idiosyncrasies in costume
  35. Chapter XXVI: Nationality in costume
  36. Chapter XXVII: Models
  37. Chapter XXVIII: Woman costumed for her war job
  38. In conclusion
  39. [Cover]