Soils of Wisconsin

  • 1976
Madison, Wis.: The University of Wisconsin Press

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Madison, Wis.: The University of Wisconsin Press
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xvi, 233 pages, [4] leaves of plates : illustrations, map (color, folded in pocket) ; 29 cm
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  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. [Title Page]
  4. Contents
  5. List of illustrations
  6. List of tables
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgments and previous reports
  9. Chapter 1. Introduction
  10. Chapter 2. Factors of formation of Wisconsin soils
  11. Chapter 3. Processes of soil formation
  12. Chapter 4. Properties of Wisconsin soils
  13. Chapter 5. Classification of Soils
  14. Chapter 6. Introduction to the soil associations of Wisconsin
  15. Chapter 7. Soil region A: soils of the southwestern ridges and valleys
  16. Chapter 8. Soil region B: soils of the southeastern upland
  17. Chapter 9. Soil region C: soils of the central sandy uplands and plains
  18. Chapter 10. Soil region D: soils of the western sandstone uplands, valley slopes, and plains
  19. Chapter 11. Soil region E: soils of the northern and eastern sandy and loamy reddish drift uplands and plains
  20. Chapter 12: Soil region F: soils of the northern silty uplands and plains
  21. Chapter 13: Soil region G: soils of the northern loamy uplands and plains
  22. Chapter 14: Soil region H: soils of the northern sandy uplands and plains
  23. Chapter 15: Soil region I: soils of the northern and eastern clayey and loamy reddish drift uplands and plains
  24. Chapter 16: Soil region J: soils of stream bottoms and major wetlands
  25. Chapter 17: Some properties of the soil series
  26. Chapter 18. Major soil toposequences of Wisconsin
  27. Chapter 19. Acreages of Wisconsin soil associations
  28. Chapter 20. Soil series name changes
  29. Chapter 21. Acreages of major soil series in Wisconsin
  30. Appendix 1. Glossary
  31. Appendix 2. Common and scientific names of plants mentioned in the text
  32. Appendix 3. Legend of the soil map (plate 1) in terms of classification categories above the series level
  33. Appendix 4. Errata in the soil map of Wisconsin (plate 1)
  34. Appendix 5. List of soil survey publications for Wisconsin
  35. Bibliography
  36. Index
  37. Designed by Irving Perkins
  38. Soils of Wisconsin
  39. Other books about Wisconsin