Visual display of the Diamond Jo (Packet, 1864-1883)

Diamond Jo (Packet, 1864-1883)

  • August 25, 1875
  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Packet
  • BUILT: 1864 at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Dismantled at Dubuque in 1883
  • OWNERS: Diamond Jo Packet Line; NW Packet Company
  • OFFICERS & CREW: Captain William Fleming (master, 1863); Charles W. Cowles (clerk, 1863); Captain Ben Congar (1875); John Carlisle (clerk, 1875); Al Congar (clerk, 1875); Captain R. F. Isherwood (master, 1872-74, 1879); George Dodge (clerk, 1874); Andrew Coleman (pilot, 1875); Anthony Sheets (master, 1865); Tom L. Davidson (master, 1867); K. S. Ruby (pilot); John Scott (engineer); William Hamilton (engineer); Wash. P. Hight (pilot, 1877); William H. Desmond
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 1536; Built for "Diamond Jo" Reynolds. Captain William Fleming superintended construction. First home port, Dubuque, Iowa. Was the first boat of the season to arrive at St. Louis from below on March 21, 1868 and again on April 7, 1877. She was enrolled at the Port of Galena on October 15, 1869 and the Port of Dubuque on April 1, 1879. She handled grain on the upper Mississippi. In 1875 she ran Fulton-Burlington. This continued until 1878 when the Josephine took her place. She then ran St. Louis-Davenport
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: The Diamond Jo pushing a barge loaded down with cargo
  • Diamond Jo (A)


  • August 25, 1875
Local identifier
  • Neg. 4264
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