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Argentum (4th : 1996 : Madison, Wis.)
The 4th international conference proceedings : Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment, Madison, Wisconsin, August 25-28, 1996
[Madison, Wisconsin]: University of Wisconsin System, Sea Grant Institute
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vi, 256 pages : illustrations, maps ; 28 cm

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  3. Table of contents
  4. Welcome to Madison
  5. Extended abstracts: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  6. Session 1: Metal speciation and analytical chemistry of silver
  7. Session 1: How does the speciation of dissolved trace metals affect their bioavailability? a critical evaluation of the free-ion model / Campbell, Peter G. C.
  8. Session 1: Silver in river and estuarine waters of Texas: evidence for complexation to macromolecular organic matter / Wen, L. S., et al.
  9. Session 1: Preliminary observations on the distribution of Ag and other trace metals in the colloidal size fractions of streams and POTW effluents / Shafer, M. M., et al.
  10. Session 1: Silver complexation with sulfur organics / Bell, Russell A.
  11. Session 1: Interaction of silver ion with thiol ligands in the presence of FeS / Adams, Nicholas W. H.; Kramer, James R.
  12. Session 1: Source estimates and the partitioning of silver and other trace metals in Massachusetts coastal waters / Krahforst, Christian; Wallace, Gordon
  13. Session 1: Oxidation of silver-bearing iron sulfides: a preliminary study / Manolopoulos, Helen; Adams, Nicholas W. H.; Kramer, James R.
  14. Session 1: Sources and sinks of silver in an urban estuary: a mass balance approach / Rozan, Tim F.; Benoit, Gaboury
  15. Session 2: Environmental cycling and distribution of silver
  16. Session 2: Application of radiotracers for studying trace element accumulation in mussels / Fisher, Nicholas S.; Wang, Wen-Xiong; Luoma, Samuel N.
  17. Session 2: Reassessment of silver concentration trends in the coastal U.S. / Daskalakis, Kostas; Crecelius, Eric A.
  18. Session 2: Sediment quality criteria for metals: implications for silver regulation / Erickson, R. J.; Ankley, G. T.
  19. Session 2: Effect of chloride, hardness and dissolved organic carbon on silver solubility in aquatic toxicity tests / Cobb, G. P., et al.
  20. Session 2: Fate of silver in surface waters, sediments and plant material in an old mining camp, Cobalt, Ontario / Kramer, James R., et al.
  21. Session 2: Performance of activated sludge reactors fed with a silver-bearing photoprocessing wastewater / Maeng, Sung Kyu; Pavlostathis, Spyros G.
  22. Session 2: Environmental aspects of silver research in Russia: a review / Guseva, Tatiana V.
  23. Session 3: Physiological effects and food chain transfer of metals in aquatic and terrestrial environments
  24. Session 3: New proposals for regulating metals in the aquatic environment: geochemical, toxicological and physiological bases / Bergman, Harold L.
  25. Session 3: The toxicity of silver to marine fish / Hogstrand, Christer; Wood, Chris M.
  26. Session 3: Persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity of silver in freshwater systems / Birge, W. J., et al.
  27. Session 3: Water quality components affecting silver toxicity in Daphnia magna and Pimephales promelas / La Point, T. W., et al.
  28. Session 3: Influence of age sensitivity on the acute toxicity of silver to fathead minnows at various quality parameters / Klaine, S. J., et al.
  29. Session 3: The effect of stabilized silver-laden waste-activated sludge on the growth of terrestrial plants / Hirsch, Marianne P.
  30. Session 3: Influence of complexing agents on uptake of silver by rainbow trout and by Daphnia / Playle, Richard; Janes, Nancy; Richards, Jeff
  31. Session 3: A review of silver hazards to plants and animals / Eisler, Ronald
  32. Session 3: The bioavailability of silver in sediments / Di Toro, Dominic M., et al.
  33. Session 3: Parameters that influence silver toxicity: ammonia salinity / Shaw, Joseph R.; Birge, Wesley J.; Hogstrand, Christer
  34. Session 3: Physiological analysis of the stress response associated with acute silver exposure in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) / Webb, Nathan A.; Morgan, Ian J.; Wood, Chris M.
  35. Session 3: The physiological effects of dietary silver exposure in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) / Galvez, Fernando, et al.
  36. Session 3: Release of silver and other metals from resuspended harbor sediment / Crecelius, Eric; Leather, James
  37. Session 3: Transcriptional activation of the rainbow trout metallothionein-A gene by Zn and Ag / Mayer, G. D., et al.
  38. Session 3: The bioconcentration and bioaccumulation of silver in an experimental freshwater ecosystem / Forsythe, B. L., II, et al.
  39. Session 3: Metallothionein protects against silver blockage of the Na+/K+-ATPase / Ferguson, Elizabeth A.; Leach, D. A.; Hogstrand, Christer
  40. Panel discussion: Regulation of silver in water columns
  41. Panel discussion: Regulation of silver in water columns
  42. Panel discussion: Regulation of silver in sediments
  43. Panel discussion: Regulation of silver in sediments
  44. Closing remarks: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  45. Closing remarks / Andren, Anders; Bober, Thomas
  46. Poster session: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  47. Poster session: Effects of temperature and thiosulphate on uptake of silver by rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) / Janes, Nancy, et al.
  48. Poster session: X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of silver speciation and distribution in natural aquatic environments / O' Conner, Catherine; Anderson, Paul R.; Bunker, Grant
  49. Poster session: Metal assimilation in zebra mussels / Roditi, Hudson A.; Fisher, Nicholas S.
  50. Poster session: The effects of silver on green algae and prospects for trophic transfer / Schmittschmitt, J. P.; Shaw, J. R.; Birge, W. J.
  51. Participants: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  52. Participants: Fourth international conference on the transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  53. [Cover]