Proceedings of the twentieth Annual Conference on Wetlands Restoration and Creation, May 1993

  • 1993
Tampa, Florida: Hillsborough Community College

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  3. Table of contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Innovative use of dredged material in Texas benefits endangered whooping cranes
  6. Constructed wetland potential for performing wetland functions dependent on anaerobic soil conditions
  7. Treatment of stormwater by a native herbaceous marsh
  8. An evaluation of the effectiveness of wetland mitigation in Broward County, Florida, permitted by the Florida department of environmental regulation
  9. Should wetlands be constructed in stormwater treatment ponds?
  10. Restoring seagrass beds: some new approaches with Ruppia maritima L. (widgeon-grass)
  11. Cost effective measures applied to achieve permit compliance and habitat diversity at a county owned mitigation site
  12. Wetland creation in an urban business park
  13. Amendments to Michigan's Wetland Protection Act, the only state-assumed section 404 wetlands program
  14. A water-quality survey of twenty-four stormwater wet-detention ponds
  15. Wetland creation: a viable mitigation option
  16. Biogenic wetlands and inadequate understanding of indicator plant species pose problems for land management and use in cool climates
  17. A comparison of floristic composition and species richness within and between created and natural wetlands of southeastern New Hampshire
  18. Evaluation of wetland plantings in three stormwater retention ponds in Maryland
  19. Restoration of degraded salt marshes in Connecticut
  20. Wetland conservation techniques on private lands: landowner perceptions of streamland management
  21. CAS: a new software package for analyzing species abundance data
  22. [Cover]