Zoolorica: A. 1'. Zoologlical Sociel![

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wave-made wells in the rocky lava coast where inconceivably
brilliant parrot and angel-fish swam in crystal clear water, and tiny
sheltered sandy coves where families of sea-lions basked and played.
Here we spent four unforgettable (lays, working from (lawn to dusk
to learn all we could of the life of this no-man's-land.

    This is one of the series of scientific papers of the Harrison Williams
pagos Expedition, under the directorship of W illiam Beebe, sent out by the
Department of Tropical Research of the New York Zoological Society. The
general account and narrative of the expedition, together with the natural
history and photographs of the fauna, are embodied in a voluime by William
Beebe, published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, under the auspices of the Zoologi-
cal Society. Its title is "Galapagos; World's End."

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