Beebe: Williams Galapagos Expedilion

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     At dawn on March 28 we sighted the islands, and steaming
slowly among their misty shapes, recognized Indefatigable, James,
Seymour, Daphne, Jervis and Duncan, and dropped anchor about
10:00 A. M. in Conway Bay on the north-west side of Indefatigable.
This anchorage, chosen more or less at hazard because of our in-
complete information concerning the islands, proved to be a fortunate
choice. Sheltered on the west by Eden, an isolated volcanic peak
of an island, a sandy beach at the back of a natural lava breakwater
provided an easy and safe landing for our small boats. Here we
pitched two tents for temporary laboratories, though most of our
work in arranging and studying specimens continued to be (lone on
board ship. During our entire stay at the islands we lived on the
Noma, thus eliminating the extra work of transporting supplies;
also we had the benefit of the evening breezes and escaped the
mosquitos which cn scme of the islands appeared at dusk in innumer-
able swarms.