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tarpon fishing at the Gatun spillway, and trips back and forth
across the Isthmus. In Colon we met with the greatest disappoint-
ment of the voyage as Mr. Williams was compelled, for business
reasons, to return to New York. It was with the deepest regret
that we saw him go, for his enthusiasm in the expedition had been
great, and now the real excitement of exploration was just ahead.
    For a supply of fresh water beyond that which the Noma
carried, we depended upon the islands, as a supply was marked on
the chart in several places, and the pilot book mentioned even a
pipeline on the dock at Chatham. We passed through the Canal
without special incident, arriving at the Panama end in time to see
the final searchlight display of the combined Atlantic and Pacific
fleets. On the night of March 24 we steamed into the Pacific, which
was as smooth as a lake during the four days it took us to reach the
Archipelago. Indeed during our time there and on our voyages to
and from Panama this ocean lived up to its name, and we experienced
only perfect weather and summer calm, a welcome change from our
Atlantic memories.