Root nodule bacteria and leguminous plants

  • 1932
Madison, Wis.: [publisher not identified]
  • Root Nodule Bacteria and Leguminous Plants by Edwin Broun Fred, Ira Lawrence Baldwin, and Elizabeth McCoy first appeared seventy years ago as part of a series, University of Wisconsin Studies (no. 52, Science no. 5), published by the University of Wisconsin in 1932. This work summarized published research in biological nitrogen fixation from approximately 1576 through 1930. A pioneering effort that brought together years of source material from English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and the Scandinavian languages, Root Nodule Bacteria and Leguminous Plants was a thorough and critical examination that not only synthesized research findings in light of then-current knowledge, but also suggested areas where new research was needed.

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Madison, Wis.: [publisher not identified]
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xxii, 343 pages : plates, portraits, diagrams ; 27 cm
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  1. [Title Page]
  2. Contents
  3. List of plates
  4. List of charts
  5. Preface
  6. Chapter 1: The history of the leguminosae in agriculture
  7. Chapter 2: General description of the leguminosae, their distribution and importance
  8. Chapter 3: The occurrence of root nodules
  9. Chapter 4: The isolation and study of the root nodule bacteria
  10. Chapter 5: The morphology and life cycle of the root nodule bacteria
  11. Chapter 6: Cultural and biochemical characteristics of the root nodule bacteria
  12. Chapter 7: Some factors which influence the growth and longevity of the root nodule bacteria
  13. Chapter 8: Species relationships
  14. Chapter 9: The formation of nodules, their histology and cytology
  15. Chapter 10: Relationship between leguminous plants and bacteria
  16. Chapter 11: Factors that influence nodule production
  17. Chapter 12: Economic importance of leguminous crops
  18. Chapter 13: Natural and artificial inoculation
  19. Appendix
  20. Bibliography
  21. Index
  22. Supplement to root nodule bacteria and leguminous plants
  23. Author's note
  24. Errata in root nodule bacteria, 1932
  25. Bibliography
  26. Index to scientific plant names
  27. Index to author citations