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Visual display of the La eterna encrucijada : del Niágara a Elvira Tracy

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La eterna encrucijada : del Niágara a Elvira Tracy

  • 2012
Bogotá: Amapola Cartonera
  • Found cardboard recycled as book cover boards. Variable edition with unique hand embellishment. Title printed in black on strip of paper and glued over background of hand-painted human figure in abstract form in yellow, with black outline and blue, red and peach colors around figure. Background mostly bare cardboard, and only painted on bottom half section in black with small splotch of red paint in top right corner.

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Bogotá: Amapola Cartonera
Spanish; Castilian
Description of Original
Height: 24 cm.; Width: 16 cm.; Depth: 3 cm.
Catalog Record
Location of Original
University of Wisconsin—Madison. Libraries. Department of Special Collections : CA 16664f no. 5
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