Species: Bobwhie    s ( al(oias virginiana)
Area: Prairie du Sac Game Area, Sauk County,Wisconsta
3.200 acres (discontinuouis Croups of covey ranges)
All in farms, sandy soil. Type cap in Errington & Kamerstrom, P. 395
(see publicat'ius)
Made by: Paul L. Errington, 1_929-1932, Albert Gastrow 1933-1938.
Auspices: University of Wisconsin ar      . owa State College, cooperating.
Method: Weekly covey counts and tr9k counts, December to April of each year.
Managemept,; None. Area deliberately left unfed and unimproved as a check against
managed areas. 4ail legally protected except during 1932, 1933, 1,
1935. Few or none killed on this area.
Circumstances: Killing winters In 1927-28, 1935-36. Grouse and rabbit cycle
usually considered at peak in 191 , at trough in 19'7 nd1937.
Accuracy Rating: Class A.
Publications: Many papers by grrington summarized in the following:
Brrington, Paul L. and F. N. Hamerstrom, Jr. "The Northern Bobwhite's
inter Territory," Iowa State College Research Bulletin 201. Ames. 1936
M99       90         I1931       191        195         19M4       1935
Dec. Ar. D c. Apr. Dc Apr. Dec,          Ar. Dec. Ant. Dec. A-r. Dec. A4          D
n  from Jou.rnal of Wildlife            Vol- 2, No. 2. A   .ril, 1938.