Charles E. Walker, State Trapper, Crandon, Wisconsin, writes: - 
"Thanks for the Trap Line and the info rmatio  in regards 
to scalps and skins. My luck is getting better. Last Fr day, I took 
my first timber wolf in trap, blind set. I got to him    t at sundown, 
and took him out without skinning. Some load - weigh   84 pounds. 
Skinned him Sunday morning. Had a Milwaukee Sentinel re   er over, 
who took picture of him. I took pictures of him alive. Have not got 
them developed yet. 
Then Monday I took a coyote. Caught at deer carcass in 
State Game Refuge. Tuesday, I got my second timber wolf - a big 
fellow. Here is where I got the best of Roy Gratias. I got this 
wolf in a snare and he broke the snare and got away. While I was 
standing there feeling just too bad, I noticed some drops of blood and 
then quite a pool of blood and I doped it out that he had ruptured a 
blood vessel and was bleeding frow the nose. Wall, that gave ile some 
hope, and I took up the trail. The brush was very thick and I lost t 
the trail many times and gave up once, and then decided to have one 
more look, and I found him dead with just enough of the snare left 
to reach around his neck. He was a dandy - 7 ft, 8 inches from tip 
to tip and stood 35 inches high. After I had him skinned, I held a 
post mortem and found left jugular vein ruptured. Opened stomach- and 
found it empty except a tuft of deer hair - nothing in the intestines. 
Wi    -+-3  -i-,res 8oon. I am sending in the broken snare