TABLE 1.-Preference of birds amomg genera of fleshy fruits--Continued 
Common name 
keppertree ...... 
H olly  ----------- 
Supplejack .... 
Wild grape -- _- 
Virginia creeper-. 
Buffaloberry -------- 
Silverberry, Russian- 
olive, etc. 
Dogwood ------------- 
Tupelo, or sour gum-_ 
Crowberry ----.--- 
Bearberry ------------ 
Huckleberry ......... 
Blueberry ----------- 
Beautyberry, or Mexi- 
can mulberry. 
E lder   ---------. -.... 
Snowberry ----------- 
Blackhaw ------------ 
Honeysuckle -------- 
of species 
of birds 
Scientific name known to 
eat the 
Rchinus --------- 
Berchemia ------ 
V itis  ------------ 
Aralia ------ 
Nyssa ........... 
Empetrunm ------ 
Gaylussacia ---- 
Vaccinium ...... 
Callicarpa ------- 
Mitchella   ----- 
Sambucus ------ 
Viburnum ------ 
Lonicera -------- 
9Data given are based entirely on field observations; total number of birds
eating the various species of 
Elaeagnus unknown. 
Picnic grounds, fairgrounds, and parks may be improved as 
places of public gatherings, recreation, and education by increasing 
their bird population.    Moreover, the alterations that improve a 
park as a bird haven may, and should, themselves be made to add 
ll x 
Kinds of birds among those desirable to attract that 
are most fond of the fruit 
Cedar waxwing, phainopepla, hermit thrush, varied 
thrush, robin. 
Ruffed grouse, bobwhite, valley quail, yellow-bellied 
sapsucker, yellow-shafted flicker, cedar waxwing, 
mocking bird, catbird, brown thrasher, hermit 
thrush, robin, eastern bluebird. 
Mocking bird, robin. 
Ruffed grouse, bobwhite, pileated woodpecker, red- 
bellied woodpecker red-shafted flicker, yellow- 
shafted flicker, kingbird, European starling, cardi- 
nal, cedar waxwing, mocking bird, catbird, brown 
thrasher, wood thrush, veery, robin, western blue- 
bird, eastern bluebird. 
Red-headed woodpecker, red-bellied woodpecker, 
yellow-bellied sapsucker, yellow-shafted flicker, 
European starling, evening grosbeak, purple finch, 
scarlet tanager, red-eyed vireo, mocking bird, brown 
thresher, tufted titmouse, hermit thrbsh, olive- 
backed thrush, gray-cheeked thrush, robin, eastern 
Sharp-tailed grouse, pine grosbeak. 
Sharp-tailed grouse, prairie chicken, cedar waxwing, 
catbird, robin. 
Bobwhite, robin. 
Ruffed grouse, bobwhite downy woodpecker, yel- 
low-shafted flicker, red-shafted flicker, kingbird, 
European starling, evening grosbeak, pine gros- 
beak, purple finch, white-throated sparrow, song 
sparrow cardinal, cedar waiwing, warbling vireo, 
red-eyed  vireo, mocking bird, catbird, brown 
thrasher, hermit thrush, olive-backed thrush, gray- 
cheeked thrush, wood thrush, robin, eastern blue- 
Yellow-shafted flicker, European starling, purple 
finch, cedar waxwing, gray-cheeked thrush, olive- 
backed thrush, robin. 
Pine grosbeak, snowflake. 
Ruffed grouse, dusky grouse, valley quail, mountain 
quail, fox sparrow, wren tit. 
Pi grosb#                   in. 
Ruffed grouse,      sI_     ingbird, orchard oriole, 
pine grosbea ,    ewm   , cedar waxwing, catbird, 
brown thrasher, black-capped chickadee, tufted tit- 
mouse, hermit thrush, robin, eastern bluebird. 
Mocking bird, brown thrasher. 
-headed woodpecker, yellow-shafted 
er kingbird, Arkansas kingbird, black 
phoebe, European starling, California towhee, 
white-crowned sparrow, rose-breasted grosbeak 
black-headed   grosbeak, phainopepla, red-eyed 
vireo, mocking bird, catbird brown thrasher, 
California thrasher, wren tit, olive-backed thrush, 
robin, western bluebird, eastern bluebird. 
Sharp-tailedgrouse, evening grosbeak, pine grosbeak, 
varied thrush. 
Ruffed grouse, yellow-billed cuckoo, yellow-shafted 
flicker, European starling, purple finch, rose- 
breasted grosbeak, cedar waxwing, catbird, brown 
thrasher, robin, eastern bluebird. 
Bobwhite, pine grosbeak, white-throated sparrow, 
catbird, brown thrasher, hermit thrush, robin.