Digest of "ShootinL in California Today & 50 Years Ago. 
(An Account of Market Hunting For quail)  - 
Walter R. Welch 
(From "Cal. Fish & Game" - April - 1928) 
p. 123. Market Hunting began in Marin County in the sixties, by the 
Butchart brothers. 
124. -    : Ralston, of Ralston & Johnson (market hunters) sVys his 
best bja  in 1 d y was 121 quail. Shot over 6000 shots in season 
of 1"Z5. Averaged 70 quail per day in good weather. 
L           As transportation improved market hjuntinL spread from 
Marin and. San Mateo into Monterey and other southern counties. 
From g0's until 1901 centered around Bradley, King City, Jolon, 
Pleyto, Poso, San Ardo, Paso Robles, Santa Margarita. 
124-5       : Trappers used 11 mesh wir 15 x 50 ft. strung on willow 
poles. Baited with water and grain and sprung with a string. 
Natural springs were filled with bruish. Several hundred caught at 
a time. 
125. Locations: Alameda Co. and San Joaquin Valley became market dis- 
triuts also. Single trappers operated 100 traps each. Average 
catch 1200 quail per week per man. 
126. Prices paid market huters 50ยข to $1.75 per doz. 
Decrease noticeable by 1895. Game Co.nission surveyed markets and 
gathered following fig7ares: 
Sold in. Los Angeles and San Francisco markets 
1895-6---------        177366 quail 
These came frorh: Monterey Co.             39,831 
San Lins 0bispo          25,526 
San Bernardine           12,663 
Los Angeles              11,026 
Paid for 177,366 Quail ----------------      $15,160 
(about 100 each) 
126. Protective Ileasures: 
1901: Bag limaited to 25 per day and sale prohibited.  (Bootlegging 
continued however for years after) 
127.  Welch's pro ram for restoration: (1) Law eAforcement (2) small 
refuges with cover and water.