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Common name 
Juniper; redcedar ----- 
Greenbrier ------------ 
Bayberry ------------- 
Hackberry ------------ 
Mulberry ----------- 
Pokeberry ....-.--- 
Spicebush ------------ 
Sassafras  ------------- 
Strawberry ----------- 
Raspberry; black- 
R ose  ------------------ 
Mountain-ash -------- 
Chokeberry ---------- 
Hawthorn, or red haw 
Dwarf apples ------- 
Shadblow, or 
Wild cherry 
Sumac     - - 
Scientific name 
Juniperus ------- 
Sm ilax  ---------- 
Myrica -------- 
Celtis ----------- 
Morus --------- 
Phytolacca --- 
Benzoin ------ 
Sassafras ........ 
Fragaria -- ----- 
Rubus --------- 
Rosa ---- 
Sorbus -. 
Mains ----- 
Pruns -------- 
Rhus 8 -----.-- 
of species 
of birds  Kinds of birds among those desirable to attract that 
known to                are most fond of the fruit 3 
eat the 
I Barberries (Berberis), buckthorn (Rhamnus), and gooseberries and currants
(Ribes) are omitted be- 
cause they serve as alternate hosts of rusts attacking wheat, oats, and white
pine, respectively. 
2 When 10 or more. 
3 Included on the basis of field observation or because fruit was found in
10 or more stomachs. 
'Thirty-eight kinds of birds are known to feed on apples of various sorts,
but it is not known Just how 
many seek the small-fruited flowering apples, which are the best to plant
for birds. 
6 Only nonpoisonous species of sumac are considered. 
Yellow-shafted flicker, European starling, evening 
grosbeak, pine grosbeak, purple finch, cedar wax- 
wing, myrtle warbler, mocking bird, robin, eastern 
Cardinal, mocking bird, brown thrasher, catbird, 
hermit thrush, robin. 
Bobwhite, downy woodpecker, yellow-shafted flicker, 
eastern phoebe, European starling, meadow lark, 
chewink, tree swallow, white-eyed vireo, myrtle 
warbler, brown thrasher, catbird, Carolina wren, 
black-capped chickadee, hermit thrush, eastern 
Yellow-bellied sapsucker, yellow-shafted flicker, star- 
ling, cardinal, cedar waxwing, mocking bird, brown 
thrasher, robin, eastern bluebird. 
Yellow-billed cuckoo, red-headed woodpecker, red- 
bellied woodpecker, downy woodpecker, kingbird, 
starling, Baltimore oriole, orchard oriole, cardinal, 
purple finch, scarlet tanager, cedar waxwing, red- 
eyed vireo, yellow warbler, mocking bird, catbird, 
wood thrush, robin. 
Mourning dove, yellow-shafted flicker, kingbird, star- 
ling, cardinal, mocking bird, catbird, hermit thrush, 
gray-chceked thrush, olive-backed thrush, robin, 
eastern bluebird. 
Kingbird, red-eyed vireo, wood thrush, veery. 
Bobwhite, kingbird, red-eyed vireo, catbird, veery, 
Chewink, catbird, brown thrasher, wood thrush, 
Ruffed grouse, bobwhite, red-headed woodpecker, 
yellow-shafted flicker, kingbird, European starling, 
Baltimore oriole, orchard oriole, pine grosbeak, song 
sparrow, fox sparrow white-throated sparrow, che- 
wink, California towhee, spurred towhee, cardinal, 
rose-breasted grosbeak, black-headed grosbeak, 
cedar waxwing, red-eyed vireo, mocking bird, cat- 
bird, brown thrasher, tufted titmouse, wren tit, 
olive-backed thrush, wood thrush, robin, eastern 
Ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, prairie chicken, 
Red-headed woodpecker, Baltimore oriole, evening 
grosbeak, pine grosbeak, cedar waxwing, Bohemian 
waxwing, catbird, brown thrasher, robin. 
Meadow lark, brown thrasher. 
Ruffed grouse, pine grosbeak, purple finch, robin. 
Ruffed grouse, ringneek pheasant, red crossbill, pine 
grosbeak, purple finch, cedar waxwing, mocking 
bird, robin. 
Yellow-shafted flicker, Baltimore oriole, cedar wax- 
wing, catbird, hermit thrush, veery, robin. 
Ruffed grouse, bobwhite, mourning dove, red-headed 
woodpecker, yellow-shafted flicker, kingbird, Euro- 
pean starling, Bullock's oriole, Baltimore oriole, 
orchard oriole, evening grosbeak purple finch, rose- 
breasted grosbeak, black-headeA grosbeak, Louisi- 
ana tanager, red-eyed viroo, cedar waxwing, mock- 
ing bird, catbird, brown thrasher, olive-backed 
thrush, wood thrush, ro        ern bluebird. 
Ruffed grouse bbwhite       [e        downy wood- 
pecker, red-ellied woo        ,     hafted flicker, 
yellow-shafted flicker, phoebe, European starling, 
goldfinch, golden-crowned sparrow, chewink, white- 
eyed vireo, Audubon's warbler, mocking bird, cat- 
bird, California thrasher, brown thrasher, Carolina 
wren, black-capped chickadee, Carolina chickadee, 
wren tit, hermit thrush, robin, eastern bluebird. 
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