File Wisconsin 
Digest of 
Wisconsin Conservation Commission -ports 
1915 - 26 
N. E. arber. Comissioner. 1916. 
Grous. 'This fine bird is in iwnoh need of protection or its name 
will be inscribed with those that have suffered extermination. Not many 
years ago these birds were plentiful in Wisconein .. 
"It was a mistake that the last legislature did not prescribe a closed

season for partridge, for the past two seasons have been disastrous in that

the sleet, rain, and ice during the winter months covered the forage, des-

troying many of them. The cold rainy weather during the hatching season 
lessened the hatch of young birds. In the face of these facts it is no 
wonder that word comes to us from every part of the state that partridge

are very sarce and in some localities that there are none at all." 
Prairie Chicken. p. 117. "We can only repeat the ame story of the prairie

chicken that we have recited of the partridge. They are 'on their last 
legs' and imist receive attention from this legislature. Scattered flocks

of was1 nzabers are seen in some sections of the state, but from many 
counties the report comes to -as that not a single bi-ds ig seen.  "his
a melaicholy story as compared to tose of a few years ago w   they were 
seen in every county of the state in large flocks . . . 
Q      p. 47. 'Quail are coming ba&. c   hat soiads rood ad is Pall of

meaning for theae birds were -o nearly exterintn:Ited in -Iisoonstn that
22 years of continuous closed season they are just beinning to recover In

appreciable rubers. We believe that -t the e-rxrtion of the closed 
season which extends until 1921 we will have thm in sufficient numbers to

provide short open seasons for tak!ng thin." 
Zae last two winters were exceedin--1y severe, as the heavy sleet and rain

storms formed a coating of ice, covering the food s-iwi-ly, and Lmediately

following we were visited with heavy falls of snow acc   anied with severe

cold weather. It was only throu-h heroic work by this department that 
t      ous losses of theie birds was averted.u 
. P- 53. "The ismediate daner of exterminatia- our &eer was overcome

by the passae of the one buck law by our last legislature." 
"ie refer those who believe that the one buck law is not a conservator

of deer to the following schedule which shows the total number of deer 
shipped from the various counties darin7 the years 1913, 19141, and 1915.

This gives only the mneber of deer shi-ed and does not include those that

were taken by private conveyncee, which were many: 
1913 111          1i 
Total        6,969 
7.373   3,137