Tbe Ulnivemit of Gticao 
Department of zoilon 
March 15, 1935. 
Dr. Aldo Leopold, 
Dept. of Agricultural Economics, 
University of Wisco.sin, 
Madison, Wisc. 
Dear Dr. Leopold: 
I am sorry that I have not a reprint of the 
Mass Physiology article. ors is the second request by 
today's mail for this paper. I have had to buy some extra 
copies of the number in which the article appeared in order 
to satisfy certain contractual requireme.ts. 
I am very much interested in the aggregation 
ph&nomena in game birds but have little insight into the 
methods of attack which are possible. I should like very 
much to know aoout the minimum population of quail, for 
example, which can regenerate in a natural environment without 
immigration from other localities. 
I am sending forward under separate cover two 
recent reprints which may interest you. It has occurred to 
me that it might be valuable to test one suggestion made in 
the Eco~y paper in fielwgrk, namely, what would be the 
chance" i"survival in nat re'avig a definite correlation/.- 
with the peck order in a given flock? This could be d-  I 
believe, by banding with colored bands or otherwise marking 
the birds, determining the peck order by oOservation and 
then determining survival over a period of time.Of course, 
there is trouble here because the peck order once established 
may not hold indefinitely. 
I shall be glad to talk with you at any time 
about these and other problems Out I warn you that I will 
probably get more benefit from the conversation than I can 
give.   I am looking forward with interest to visiting 
Sherwood Plantation next week where they have a number of 
problems they wish to discuss with me. 
Very cordially yours, 
W. C. Allee.