Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

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Imod ht is s*olixtel oces. 
-ho th   haats ar about tal-feu bw old. ruv the settIeg 
U   -n the yoa bird to the -roun     aswic  ou Inen to r  *ina. 
A vatl    mo ia easily be podo s0 Rtha u ether allow the 
bae to ru wiRh bor tr.  f   ran   t star  or   Reht yo m  Aut so te )w 
s"leav. th pba   t  m.s on yea wWsee f~t.  Wei o" shu be paso 
in sn Sma, MM      location, RM Ao14 be Place In poition t-wo  oe 
Eqs Were the yon broo of mbnats ar to us it.,s a* to dry Oo        m 
U~drM*   It to sOIe wUt.  ?6VA Pb*  t*     r .lQA. *ISW ha 4   #44 
to roset In at aSgh, as dapes at this ag Io wM I~wies to Rhm o 
io a condtloe ab to Is    apt to bro Aloess*. Xom   you ob4d set a0 
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Towa phsmt. nod at be fed usil RWar abu twaWfu hour 
ol, as Reo yolk ube Is &U"Y     Into the bd proids mutmewa  for
perod  ?e first to" which the should bow Io a custar eapo    of mil

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Wo feig this, take a soal proprtion of t*5 mwadma      b    it 
shrpy n ie g-a  , soas to searte It Inte wall     1.tilot. This simi 
be le Ot lat to   Ues . &W at Rhestrt or am    g"If Rhe Ms Is 
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tot weater shold to a"   toead, q s 0It Is vvyapt ft sa, adsu 
foo of Mwkn to Is  r w~isorm  to %bs 
If you d. mot em  to eo to the tobl of      Reda  On ubmauswi 
ou   b*Ats sill ds TOW m1 on . fOed Of fiW,-~# bb-U1d0 

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