Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

From the bulletin 
Ruffed Grouse in New York State 
A. M Stoddart. 
Common Oats a Menace 
With regard to the house cat, as a factor in the decrease of the 
grouse, the result of the Commission's inquiry indicates that it is a very

serious menace, cats being given fourth place of importance by both 
protectors and sportsmen. One sportsman remarks that tracks in the snow 
are the best proof of the incredible number of cats ix the woods. Several

game protectors complain of the depredations of cats left in deserted 
lumber camps, which have reverted practically to a wild state. New York 
S tate's new "cat law" passed in April, 1919, should prove of greot
in the elimination of hunting house cats. By the terms of this law, game

protectors are required, and all holders of hunting licenses are encouraged

to destroy cats at large found hunting birds.