Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

Y                                     Fish and Wildlife Service 
Merchandise Mart 
Chicago 54, Illinois 
Mr. Roberts Mann 
Cook County Forest Preserve District 
536 North Harlem Avenue 
River Forest, Illinois 
Dear Bob: 
Your letter in regard to weights of manmals killed three 
years ago on the Forest Preserve Districts was forwarded to me from 
Urbana. Fortunately I have with me a copy of these weights, as 
#1, 3-2-42 
Cat, domestic - weight, 11.3 lbs; castrated male., very fat, 
7         face broad and heavy; black and white, vth heavy coat. 
#2, 3-2-42 
Dog, mongrel plus cross?? weight 42 lbs. male; fat; brown. 
#3, 3-2-42 
Dog, police; weight 61  lbs; male; sleek and in good condi- 
tion but not fat; darl, typically colored. 
014, 3-2-42 
Uoyote kidentification positive, by Goldman, U.S.Nat.Mus.) 
weight, 30  Ibs; male; good condition. 
#5, 3-2-42 
Dog, police plus ?? weight, 34 lbs. good condition; 
dark, obviously crossed with other dog breed (partly 
decomposed, stomach not saved). 
L hope this will provide the information desired by Prof. 
Iaopold. I have copied it directly from our notes. The cat was huge; 
we talked about it at the time; it seems that free ranging cats reach 
very large size, since I have run into it on one ortwo other occasions. 
Looking forward to seeing you Friday forenoon, I am 
Sincerely yours