Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

th1lip, J. 0. M='s Influence on tffed Grous Poipilations. 
Cosmos Press CambWA*R 1937 ?4rm. 
r.5 "As Vr back as 1708 there was a closei sAson In Now Yor, 
'Anl assahuetts ha4 its first closed se son in 1811, whi h 
shows that colonial legislatures were concerned with cyclic 
?i~g"n moms of our Now 3ne-and sates, notably 'fassachusetts, 
the nesaut has almost vanlshed." 
p.13 KIs roprted for W.H., Mo., Vass., Pa., Va. w.. N.Y. 
r.15 Most ronu-e ever seon w is In 195, western Qu.ebo.