Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

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refeet** 4ecibing the*. trials. I knw howver, that son* of then bys 
beesucssful in establishing this species as a wild bir4. 
They    e as tried ot In Takm   Couty, Washington, about 1319, 
but be   died out (see Wild Birds Introdued or Traplanted In North Meicu,'

by Jobs C. 10hillps, U. S. Dept. ur. hil. so. 61, April, 1928). 
The isosln Cosrvtion Department liberated a ooniderablo    obr 
of Roe    about the years ao     $*lug  i   m lot en the lav     %oe w  n

Area, bt all these Urd gt 6lsasA        bore liberation and all of then Ue

after libertion. A     riny %hie wld not be a fair test. 
The Rosy   tosueoeasfu17 sstablsh@4 as a     wild bir on a few 
Drittish estates, .spesally certain estates In the wooded ctry of o 
A    g   description of the sucess with this spesis in llan4 Is ontains Is

Uh   bo  Oftests: Their I      r   Rietory and Pa    etisal Manest 1W 
1. B. ?Wgoetes publised by fte Yield, Dream's laildins     Lod ..4. A 
A description of its Amiatic habitat to contained In 'toasatst 
Teir Lves a    Rom"," by Willia Beebe, Vol    2, 1931. pp. 67-77.

All wite   es   to aee that the Ree. iaterferes with the 
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It, that if the Reeves  ss bem v-m       ss at all in this outry, It will

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Your* sinceely, 
Aato Zop3