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PT  500                        UJ L'. Forust  crvicu    Fbbruary.7, 1923.

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Rcc -ived  in  the  Librory;  Ilw  io:ico  Colleg  o f  .L~ iculture,  Bulletin
 To,  56. 
The duty of well water and the cost ,no -nroftt on irrigated crops in the
Grardo Valley by Vernon, Lovett and Scott, 
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Di  E ,.ork  According to the Lincoln Bulletin, the Salazar Cnnyon Road 
which is being constructed under the direction of Forest Examiner H. D, Barrall

is neal'ing completion,  This road is both a Forest and Comaiunity development

project. Its major industrial use will come from wood deliveries to the towM

of Lincoln and to the U, S. Marinc Hospital at Fort Stanton.   It will also

facilitate the delivery of form produce to those points and to C.pitan 
l2kSiTrii      po d   ion: Investigations conducted by the Cloquet Experiment

Station, on thu method of reproduction of Black Spruce, reveal the fact that

this tree reproduces almost entirely from layering. The process in as iollows:

A lov er branch of an old tree becomes covered with sphagnum moss, which
on the forest floor, and soon adventitious buds are formed. One of the buds

sends a shoot abovoe the ground and this becomes a new tree while the remaining

buds develop into roots. These roots supply the new troo with food and 
ultimately the branch from which they sprang will decay and the new tree
then depend solely on its ovn roots for o:istonco. As now trees send out

branches the cycles will be repeated and thus the Black Spruce will continue

to possess the swamp,  Black Spruce occurs in dense stands in the swamps
the Lake States and Canada. 
Jild DoPs:   Last smmor one of the boys on the Blaek Range Crest trail crew

had his female Airdale in, which uated with a Police dog. Her owner
called on to augment th protective force at Dianond Peak and when work was

over he returned home with the Airdalo for only a short time before going

to Hurley to sock work. The Aird'le evidently throught he had returned to

Diamond ecak and she went there to find him. ,;hile there she gave birth
nine puppies, according to Hugh Hedge of the Diamond Bar ranch, although
died shortly after birth as it uses foumd in the don  The result was as usual.

A mother with eight pu,)pies to feed must nJvcU something to cat. She natural-

ly did whnt she knew to be wrong - calf killing..- and thus evaded man at
turn.  Since her pup-ies have become larger their rango of territory is widen-

ing. Their tracks hve boon seen seven miles down on either side of the Black

Range and, unless already captured, hunter In-in, of the Biological Survey
having his hands full,  At last reports, 1r. Hedge said it was nearly aim-

possible to trap or to approach close cnough to shoot these dogs,(Gila :1cnster)

Field   Peeler (Phoonix); Kerr, Cooperrider (Gila) 
joaovo - Cheney. 
.Actjn Marsh.