Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

June S0, 1922. 
Dr.. V. J*1sel, 
Washington* Do C. 
Dear A, Ue.aa: 
lrstI have reetly returned froza a trip on the Gila 
ota        won     whether the 8urvey or  olostsn 
ae aware o   the existen   of a black fom f aert sq 
in that eounhry  bis      k fak   ior   lte same as the rdiary 
?s  nel ear", exept Ghat the uner part    are of  soety 
black instead of whituh I have seen this form ini the San 
Mte*o Mlutas on the Zatil Worest and in the Gsila flat cn 
try n  the Gia Porta     I have a fint reolleatien of 
Lig  oig     eta he knew of this form and that It was 
simpy avaratin, lthouh I am not at all 6mcc of this* 
I i  o t have a gu with Re so o ou1d not takea secimn, 
to urnshyou with one. I WoUld also be ash interested to 
know the status of this form i known 
Jith kindest regard$, 
Very sincerely yours,