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CONSERVAT ION COMMISSION                                     00 
Date j1aiy 1.2   1es     ( 
FROM:     A. 4.    p1 
TO:       TV  lennitt     ce *-t.   t  Aldo ILeopolds A. It. Viller 
SUBJECT:az            ag  rais Ozr      nPatat  region, 1938 to 1941. 
Islow are tabulated all the odata *ieb I have colleted to 1ate on 
A  so  an  ageratos aon  qu i n the south central Osark PlAteau regioa 
ofM          Th. eaple for 1938 is mu      and the t1prs on sea ratio 
Ws lasking. All figures truh1940 are based onl        on birds Ubich I 
nyteif handled, but this past fall I had several hunters in the vicinity

of 'ost Ilams sve for me one              each qi1, se      r        see

Into            which I supplied. At the end of the seaso   I collected 
all the imp, &nd made the a6ge determiatm; myself. By this mens I 
vas able to bring the 1941 sarple up to 524 birds., 
Ad&Qt U~kW*fipares for Ozark 
22.0     74.,U          1.51 
1938   50 qual 
1939 148 qail 
so          17.6     82.4          1*1 
1940  163 quail       55.2     44.8         27.6     72,4           1.52

1941  524 wail        51.4     48.6         k2.8     772        Nt yet available

mmUtng $access, indicated by your fiu-are w3irds Per ,-n bOurm, is 
probably more or leau closely correlated Ydth quail est.S       a   hr 
appears to be a positive correlation betwee  'Birds per 4gu  hour" and
percentage of imture birds In the population, ubish, asmind tiat my 
data are significant (       based on ami   *s     )v, would lead to the

conclu.ion tbat god qil hunting yers are the result of produtive 
breeding4 seasons, This of course, is a very reasonable assumption to 
mke a    ay. Poor quail years my be due to low earryove of 
stock, unusual winter losses, or u      ce ere        . It     A      o-

figures will help explain the low years too, I think,' Iint~end to keepA

this record each year henceforth, &ad by solloiting the hasistance of
hunters to kreep my annual sam-ples; over $00 birds, 
The ae ratio is interestin6 too. 3Ielow I tabulate these mme data in 
another form, listing; each sex end aixe claeo aapertoly. It is. m-thy of

-44WI X2867