Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

Limitation of Beaver Kll by H-cAsonls Bay Co.. 1921-1,9-1 
(Yro-,a  Air, Olaarles &L R. Ularlane, 1909. Thirnik h the Wcenzie 
Basir,  7!-.. T~!,j,, Toronto. )494irn) 
Tro. 253-254, "If let alone,, .the beaver will ra'pidly Increase...

TL. proo)f of t~ .tho:! had,1 'become scarce or had,..disarpea'ed as a 
result the., * wvalwy in trade.. ,between the Northwest Compsny in 
1,iontreatl qnd! the ;adeon'z eBay Gomr-any of 'Ohqand4, previo-ls to tlneir

coalition in 1921.   ...they (the beaver) afterwards r-covered iinder 
the foiter1A_   _1Cy 7 p1,rotectionT liwNrirater.. .by the now Anited 
54 - Tre~i -a!d .oveP1 Cerrorati or. or niorp thanr a decade siib' 
seqc.Vrt t,'- c",l e  1 be ver di  tc  in the cha7rtered and licensed

torr-.Itor eq ;,f the- Thdson's Ray Co.,- -rrannuall restricted. to the 
colectoF of a lfi-d n=nmber of beaver, which.. rroved of rauch 
beniefit to- all cnncerned, By this maeans 'the loerTetaation of the 
beaver was ;vnznre1, in otlion,. where rpcklessauhr ),ad s-Imost 
extern-A- ted It, wn-Iie ...e ~s (to othier) locpalitlis na-tarally 
followed. ,..,tIe -~ie ere...encouraged to...trar artens  and 
othr fr-b~ri~' n4 elt  Afer  heberver.  lar,-ely incre-Ased, 
and stil.l sold rell, the above rua-e was Fraduelyv rela±ed. 
'hie Lr:toof nutric. and silkv in the inwtnxfactture of haits in 
the early fnrtiesstuc     a deadly blow at the valuie of beaver. 
.,.for nea-rly hal,1f v- cen-t-ry taiereaft-r, -riceu,...were some 60-70

per cent be'tow av,    ~. . .owirv- tn tfhe then geineral audceof 
beaver, and the adveht of co.mpetition in, ths  uch desired 
co-urIse (I.e. restriction-_) head to be xrqxllily rabandoned., 
,%,otei  This is iindoub._tedly the first instance of limitation In 
kirll to occur in N~orth Amuerica.