Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

W. R . Babr 1917-19. 
2eer. p. 27. ". * 53,593 hunters purchased deer hunting licenses or
last year and they killed approximately 18,000 deer, three-fourths of which

were does and"fawns." 
PrairiChick        A marked improgement has taken place. and the prairie

chicken are responding most splendidly to the protection afforded them 
under the present closed season. 
"Nearly every county in the state have a few birds and several counties

have a large number." 
Partridge. p. 28.    'There is such a mrked increase of then in every 
quarter of the state that the soortsnen may laugh out loud, and thank 
their lucky stars tat they are on the h1ghway to recovery." 
"We should contime the cloed season on these birds for two years more.

W. E. Barber. 1919-20. Deer. Partridge. and Prairie Chicn     "The deer

season of 191 - as disastrous.  -e estiuated th-at 25,152 deer were killed

that year. Partridge and prairie chicken have increased rexirkably and it

will be safe to open the season for a few days next year with a siall bag

Zlmer S. Hall. Commissioner. 1923-24~. 
Partridge and Prairie Ci&,ens. *The nestinr seasons for the partridge

and prairie chickens have not i-een oo4n   theie birds have suffered