Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

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Thank yo~u for your aelpftl aswers in our qIestion-
naire and for your support of a resear]h program to study
animal population fluttion0
Yours  i
W0 binstonr *Ma-ir

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l. Aboat one third of the repliAes were in favouar ofthesa
blishmenat of a central research tam; on quarter e
favour of using existing agenei; a few belieed both
were necessary; some suggsted a central research tem
withi agencies anad institutions werel
a number of persons, howevert who aphasized that the
really critical thi.g was first to get a eistanding
researcher to lead the project and than build an o
nization around bi,,
20 Species suggested for theP main study number 26, but tiose
mentioned most frequertly included the snowshoe bare,
lemnings, other microtinues ruffed grousez lyns and Arctic
fox, Ugulites suich as moose, caribou and deer, Marine
mammals such as seals and valrus, and fish were suggestied
als o
Sacondary study suggestions were sindilar to the above,
difterent people placing different emphasis on the In-
portance of the species selectedo
30 The maxinum length of study suggested raged from ten
years to a pemanent investigation; the average period
was about 30 years. The m1nisum perod Of Study sug-
gested ranged betveen five years to 25 yearsz with ten
years as an averago, The compromise period averaged 17
years, It was apparent that there vas a general belief
that a proper study must Involve two or more"cyeles" in
a continuous program,
19-  If a central research team was not usedo the sugges'ted
geographical areas to be Involved ir the study covered
the width of the North Amritan continent from Newoud-
lani to Alaska  aid from northern United States to the
high Arctico If anyhing, tundra areas of the Arctic
wers favoured, bidt It was rightly pointed cat that the
choice of area depended in part on the species to be
studied and on the Logistics involved In supporting a
study in an area,,
Selection of areas for a central research effort and
for satellite areas covered an area equally as large as
tha"t above. Again it will depend upon species involved
and the facilities avaiLable,