Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

" By December all of the imorted birds confined& 
were dead, but the four reared from eggs were doing well 
that eggs from the wild birds in Lenawee cou.nty can be ha 
to continue the experiment indefinitely. With souznd etocJ 
wire, the chances for suaccess will be greatly imroved. 
It .is not certain that it will prove practicabli 
ficially but with imorted stock so expensive and so apt' 
dangerous parasites and diseases, native-reared  birds are 
ever they i   cost. 
If artificial propagation fails or proves too e: 
observations indicate that the species is apt to fit into 
of the state, the live-trapngen transplanting of nati' 
probably prove practicable. 
F'rom the record of the bird in other narts of A 
to indieat, 
it is a grc 
tries to f: 
will d   a 
work at al: 
octed to do well anyhere  in lMichi 
t least fairly well, Like the i 
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