Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

%  MaR' of the to i question about required $7oilitis
incuded tpletely equi pe analytical and phi;ological
laboratories, or at leaas laboratories standard equip
menr as well as reafri gato r  evens, conft-at ten peratire
roomst colorifltsot s War urg macbines and desk calculators-
Sevral thought that an TBM automatic calulator and a
aorter aere aecessacy  WeIi-'qi4pped tield stations
wera considered essenttal also  together wiith petni to hold
'aptive animalvso
6o All of the replies favou7ed one or wore technitians x
assist professional star> Laboratcry t;e hicianse
labourers, animal keepers  clerks and students were sug-
gested as asastaats,
7-, Professional statff from 18 disciplines were proposed in
answer to question seven, Must favcvred were bologists.
animal ecologists, pathologists. statisticians and phy*
siologists0  Other spec'.ialists such as etholgsts, nu-
tritionalists and plant colcgists were sugrgestod, A
few believed that all of tb Apecialists iadicated in
the questionaimire were nLedet, but others saggested that
it was more importan-t f lst to got a good anmal popum
lattons man aad then add those'addltional speciallsts as
A atmber iradicated that montracts to university scntists
could be given to bring i disciplines niot represented on
the central resear-ch teaaa
8   Most of those expressing an opinion on. the frequencyw
which associated 3cientiits should meetp believed that
auch meetings should be aOld at leas t once a yearz or
whenever necessary0
9, Cost estimates varied Widlyl as thiy reriectie-d the"
opinions of individuals iho dI'ffered in tzheir concepts
of the size, of tha resea rc'h group and of the faciities
necessary for the studiei.
10, All who considered the establishment of an  Advisory board
to direct the overall progran agreed to its5 valueo  Soie
thought it would be vuseftl but other's oonsidered it
essential, One suggestion was that the exiting A    oc iate
Coaxmittee on Wildlife of the Nationsl ReLcear6-ch Couril
could art as an advisory boardo Aco4ther proposal was
that the board abould coasist of not Mors than aix persons
selected rxm anong univeruity, federal and provinciaI
research   rsonnel,