Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

September 38, 1928.
Mr. Carl S. Leopoldj,
Burlington, lawrs.
Dear Crl:
Somtie goWe d1isc0ussedV r the poetbilities of
i ig th  number of nting tuck   t the Crystal
Lake 21u b. sinoe this probl-em o  ce     the wThole
Ma 48%%    Valey I am intpre zited I  pr moting aything
ittoilok towrard a    oution.
I have .lready told! ycu tha4vt S3perintendent
Dox of the Upper Mississippi     ue is trying to establis)
a local, breedinj   oc'k on th-   nn    k by raitinr
a s  a cen othl -ano      0 reling therA to the
fliht.  Th1W 1theorY is that th ey will rpturn and reet in
the loaTlity
vor:1h tvyiny:At tryal L1   ' ua
more probi1Ae -.f th, exeriment wre  com    i bc control
of fnAppinW turtles.
On         of September "Outdoor Anerics" ar"
descrirtions'        tutle tr Tr   -ition, Re you o ,
it !-ould b -         to qhoot- vhe  in lare numbers. If
you could  In         at for turtlo  In Cthicto it MIht be
possil  fox the C    tc take on a mwin who wvt4ld wtse the
ducks anc pt.ol theo grcunde in excbange for the turtlelisken-S
prttitzer: ad maybs  also the mattt trarptog.    t woull
be worth while inquiring as to turtle markets in Ghicao no
if you fret any informaton I wish you woule letie have a
copy of it. I am sending copies of this letter to Mr.
Olin of the Institute, Mr. Cox, and also Nash Buckingham
of the  Ildfowlers Laue with the requent that if any of
them oan give you additional auggestions tbhat~ they Oo so.
Whether or not Cryetal Lake will be able to
embark on the project, I hope it will reestablish the
refuge 6r rent hole on its grounds. I make this personal

421 OhnstyBdg.

uggestion beoause one of theae days I will be surveying
Illinota and I would hate to report that the 'rystAl Luke
01ub 'had a muccessful Reuge and then abandoned it.
Yours sincerely,
P.S. Dr. E. W. Nelson tells me there is a man named Corsan
who is an expert on turtle control. It might pay you to
write him. Dr. Nelson thought he was Game Breeding Editor
for Outdoor Life, Ourtis St., Denver, Colorado.