Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-4 : Species and Subjects

No. 29-21 
U. S. Forot 3orvice 
South/e storn District 
Janua ry 2 
The "Busineis n-!ish Course":   You crn easily tell the Rand.or:

r    "scholarms' bi"   F   Zish they use in their study cour,,

(;Tith  )pologies to Ranger Bill) 
Six Rabbits 7ual One She: According to actual test i'r. Glenn C. Steu- 
art of Delta, P ili    County, has detorminedi thtft six jack rabbits (Lepus

Californicus Deserticola) will consume as much r-:*nge forfge during a year

as a single head of sheep. Rabbits in the Delta region drift in during the

srne time of the season as the sheep, foeig on the block snge nrith grev't

relish and cutting doun the vinter range d, the sheep. During this last 
eason, 1r. Steuart sustainod v loss of $300 on a 24 acre field of alfalfa

Feed. Fur buyers are paying 16 cents per pelt at Delta for rabbit furs, 
or approximately 80 cents per pound. (D-4 Drily News) 
Status Of Lovo Bill: The general leove bill drann by the Interdepartmental

Bo~d"rn 3  riTidOffice Procedure is tied up in the Budget Bureau and

will probalwy not be re:nased turttil the 71st Congress convenes due to the

pressure for other personnel legislation. This bill provides for: 
30 days annual leave 
i5 days sick leave cumulative to not exceed 120 days; 
exclude Sundays and holidays in computing sick leave; 
the first year effective to allow 30 days sick leave. 
Annual. tavo in Alaska and Insular possessions to be 
ct'mrTat'se to 120 days. 
,epndments have been introduced to this year's Agricultural Appro-riation