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)fara 25. 1935 
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Yours 4aoorely, 
Aldo ?.sp*4 
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New Soils Building 
March 11, 1935 
Prof. W. C. Allee 
Department of Zoology 
University of ChicagO 
Chicago, Illinois 
Dear Professor Allee: 
I have Just encountered and read with intense interest your 
"Recent Studies In Mass Physiolo17, reprinted from Biological Reviews,

Vol. IX, No. 1, January 1934. I had read your *Animal Life and Social 
Growth," but naturally this more critical and detailed discussion was

even more interesting. I am very anxious to get a copy. Do you have 
one or are the copies handled by the Cambridge Press? I take it that 
it is a regular reprint and hence am addressing you. Naturally I am 
glad to pay any charges. 
As you may be aware from your discussions with Errington, we 
are encountering some very puzzling aggregation phenomena in game birds 
and your mass physiology paper is the only thing I have read outside of 
Elton which gave me any light on: possible leads to work on. I now 
again have a man working on quail (Arthur S. Hawkins, a former student 
of Dr. A. A. Allen of Cornell) and would like t6 undertake some further 
work on these questions which puzzle us, provided a convincing lead can 
be developed. I would like to call on you sometime to get your advice 
on these questions. 
One of the main difficulties is that the phenomena which you 
describe all pertain to the original aggregation, whereas most of our 
data pertain to its behavior and survival. In the game field we have 
little or nothing on how the original aggregation comes about, and are 
cut off from controlled experimentation because we cannot get natural 
aggregations under wire. These obstacles, however, may not be altogether

I take it for granted that Elton has seen your mass physiology 
paper, but on the bare chance that he may have missed it, I am taking 
the liberty of sending him a copy of this letter. 
Yours sincerely, 
Aldo Leopold 
In Charge, Game Research 
Copies to Errington, Elton