Styles of ornament : exhibited in designs, and arranged in historical order, with descriptive text : a handbook for architects, designers, painters, sculptors, wood-carvers, chasers, modellers, cabinet-makers and artistic locksmiths as well as also for technical schools, libraries and private study

  • 1906
Berlin; New York [etc.]: Bruno Hessling, G.m.b.H.
  • Translated from the 2nd German edition (Ornamentstil).

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Other title
O'Conor, David
Berlin; New York [etc.]: Bruno Hessling, G.m.b.H.
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viii, 656, 40 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
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Available Contents

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. Preface
  4. Anglo-Saxon helmet and shield
  5. Index
  6. Introduction
  7. Antiquity
  8. The Prehistoric and primitive ornament
  9. The Egyptian ornament
  10. The Babylonian-Assyrian ornament
  11. The Persian ornament
  12. The Phoenician-Hebraic ornament
  13. The Indian ornament
  14. The Grecian ornament
  15. The Etruscan ornament
  16. The Roman ornament
  17. The Pompeian ornament
  18. The Celtic-Germanic ornament
  19. The Middle Ages
  20. The German-Early Christian ornament
  21. The Byzantine ornament
  22. The Keltic ornament
  23. The Roman ornament
  24. The Scandinavian-Roman ornament
  25. The Russian ornament
  26. The Islam ornament
  27. The Gothic ornament
  28. The Chinese ornament
  29. The Japanese ornament
  30. Modern times
  31. The Renaissance ornament
  32. The Barocco ornament
  33. The Rococco ornament
  34. The Colonial style ornament in the United States of America
  35. The semiclassical ornament at the end of the 18th and commencement of the 19th century
  36. Reference books
  37. Alphabetic index of the designs after material and object
  38. Catalogue: Architecture, decorative and industrial art, fine arts
  39. Index of authors' names
  40. [Cover]