London: Printed for John Martyn, printer to the Royal Society, and are to be sold at his shop at the Bell a little without Temple Barr
Description of Original
[36], 246, [10] p., [38] leaves of plates (some folded) : ill. ; 29 cm. (fol.)

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Orders from the Council of the Royal Society of London for Improving of Natural Knowledge to print Robert Hooke's book]
  3. [Title Page]
  4. To the King
  5. To the Royal Society
  6. The preface
  7. [Observ. I. Of the point of a sharp small needle]
  8. Observ. II. Of the edge of a razor
  9. Observ. III. Of fine lawn, or linnen cloth
  10. Observ. IV. Of fine waled silk, or taffety
  11. Observ. V. Of watered silks, or stuffs
  12. Observ. VI. Of small glass canes
  13. Observ. VII. Of some phænomena of glass drops
  14. Observ. VIII. Of the fiery sparks struck from a flint or steel
  15. Observ. IX. Of the colours observable in muscovy glass, and other thin bodies
  16. Observ. X. Of metalline, and other real colours
  17. Observ. XI. Of figures observ'd in small sand
  18. Observ. XII. Of gravel in urine
  19. Observ. XIII. Of the small diamants, or sparks in flints
  20. Observ. XIV. Of several kindes of frozen figures
  21. Observ. XV. Of kettering-stone, and of the pores of inanimate bodies
  22. Observ. XVI. Of charcoal, or burnt vegetables
  23. [Observ. XVII. Of petrify'd wood, and other petrify'd bodies]
  24. Observ. XVIII. Of the schematisme or texture of cork, and of the cells and pores of some other such frothy bodies
  25. Observ. XIX. Of a plant growing in the blighted or yellow specks of damask-rose-leaves, bramble-leaves, and some other kind of leaves
  26. Observ. XX. Of blue mould, and of the first principles of vegetation arising from putrefaction
  27. Observ. XXI. Of moss, and several other small vegetative substances
  28. Observ. XXII. Of common sponges, and several other spongie fibrous bodies
  29. Observ. XXIII. Of the curious texture of sea-weeds
  30. Observ. XXIV. Of the surfaces of rosemary, and other leaves
  31. Observ. XXV. Of the stinging points and juice of nettles, and some other venomous plants
  32. Observ. XXVII. Of the beard of a wilde oat, and the use that may be made of it for exhibiting always to the eye the temperature of the air, as to driness and moisture
  33. Observ. XXVIII. Of the seeds of Venus looking-glass, or corn violet
  34. Observ. XXIX. Of the seeds of tyme
  35. Observ. XXX. Of the seeds of poppy
  36. Observ. XXXI. Of purslane-seed
  37. Observ. XXXII. Of the figure of several sorts of hair, and of the texture of the skin
  38. Observ. XXXIII. Of the scales of a soal, and other fishes
  39. Observ. XXXIV. Of the sting of a bee
  40. Observ. XXXV. Of the contexture and shape of the particles of feathers
  41. Observ. XXXVI. Of peacoks, ducks, and other feathers of changeable colours
  42. Observ. XXXVII. Of the feet of flies, and several other insects
  43. Observ. XXXVIII. Of the structure and motion of the wings of flies
  44. Observ. XXXIX. Of the eyes and head of a grey drone-fly, and of several other creatures
  45. Observ. XL. Of the teeth of a snail
  46. Observ. XLI. Of the eggs of silk-worms, and other insects
  47. Observ. XLII. Of a blue fly
  48. Observ. XLIII. Of the water-insect or gnat
  49. Observ. XLIV. Of the tufted or brush-horn'd gnat
  50. Observ. XLV. Of the great belly'd gnat or female gnat
  51. Observ. XLVI. Of the white featherwing'd moth or Tinea argentea
  52. Observ. XLVII. Of the shepherd spider, or long legg'd spider
  53. Observ. XLVIII. Of the hunting spider, and several other sorts of spiders
  54. [Observ. XLIX. Of an ant or pismire]
  55. Observ. L. Of the wandring mite
  56. Observ. LI. Of the crab-like insect
  57. Observ. LII. Of the small silver-colour'd book-worm
  58. Observ. LIII. Of a flea
  59. Observ. LIV. Of a louse
  60. Observ. LV. Of mites
  61. Observ. LVI. Of a small creature hatch'd on a vine
  62. Observ. LVII. Of the eels in vinegar
  63. Observ. LVIII. Of a new property in the air, and several other transparent mediums nam'd inflection, whereby very many considerable phænomena are attempted to be solv'd, and divers other uses are hinted
  64. Observ. LIX. Of multitudes of small stars discoverable by the telescope
  65. Observ. LX. Of the moon
  66. The table
  67. Errata
  68. [Cover]