1. [Title Page]
  2. Contents
  3. Abstract of recommendations contained in report of Commissioner of Indian Affairs
  4. Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs
  5. [Reports of agents in Arizona]
  6. Reports of agents in California
  7. Report of agent in Colorado
  8. Reports of agents in Dakota
  9. Reports of agents in Idaho
  10. Reports of agents in Indian territory
  11. Report of agent in Iowa
  12. Report of agent in Kansas
  13. Report of agent in Michigan
  14. Report of agent in Minnesota
  15. Reports of agents in Montana
  16. Reports of agents in Nebraska
  17. Reports of agents in Nevada
  18. Reports of agents in New Mexico
  19. Report of agent in New York
  20. Report of agent in North Carolina
  21. Reports of agents in Oregon
  22. Report of agent in Texas
  23. Reports of agents in Utah
  24. Reports of agents in Washington territory
  25. Reports of agents in Wisconsin
  26. Report of Carlisle school
  27. Report of Hampton school
  28. Report of Forest Grove school
  29. Indian legislation passed during the second session of the Forty-seventh Congress
  30. Statement showing the present liabilities of the United States to Indian tribes under treaty stipulations
  31. Trust funds and trust lands
  32. Statement of appropriation made by Congress for the year ending June 30, 1883, on non-paying stocks held in trust by the Secretary of the Interior for various Indian tribes
  33. Statement of the salaries and incidental expenses paid at each agency in the Indian service during the year ending June 30, 1883, showing the appropriations from which paid and the number of Indians at each agency
  34. Statement of disbursements made from the appropriations for the Indian Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1883
  35. Executive orders from December 12, 1882, to August 15, 1883, establishing, restoring, or defining existing Indian reservations
  36. Schedule showing the names of Indian reservations in the United States, agencies, tribes occupying or belonging to the reservation, area of each reservation in square miles and acres, and reference to treaty, law, or other authority by which reservations were established
  37. Appraisement of Otoe and Missouria Indian lands in Nebraska and Kansas, as made by Commissioners D. D. Wickins, George H. Ragsdale, and Francis M. Barnes, February 28, 1883, which was approved by Department April 17, 1883
  38. Table of statistics showing educational and missionary work carried on by religious societies among Indians during year ending June 30, 1883
  39. Table of statistics relating to Indian education
  40. Table of statistics relating to population, industries, and sources of subsistence of various Indian tribes, together with religious, vital, and criminal statistics
  41. Statistics of stock owned, acreage cultivated, crops, and other results of Indian labor
  42. Consolidated report of sick and wounded, United States Indian service, for year ending June 30, 1883
  43. Report of agent in Wyoming
  44. Members of the Board of Indian Commissioners, with their post-office address
  45. List of Indian agencies formerly assigned to the several religious denominations
  46. Inspectors and special agents
  47. List of Indian agencies and agents, with post-office and telegraphic addresses
  48. Contract tables
  49. Index