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Visual display of the Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

  • 1910
Cincinnati and New York: The Strobridge Lithographic Company
  • A box set in a red field is set in the middle of the poster, and contains the top caption "Klaw and Erlanger's Production," under which is "Direction Joseph Brooks." The title is positioned in the center of the field in large letters, beneath which is "By Kate Douglas Wiggin and Charlotte Thompson, Founded on Mrs Wiggins's "Rebecca" Stories." The red field is bordered by scenes and characters from the play.
  • The popular young adult novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin as adapted several times for the stage. Wiggin co-authored this version with Douglas, and the production opened at the Theatre Republic and ran for 216 performances before going on to tour Boston and New England. Edith Taliaferro played the title role.

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Other title
Set A
Cincinnati and New York: The Strobridge Lithographic Company
Description of Original
Color lithograph, 50 cm by 72.5 cm
Local identifier
WHS Image ID 89855
Location of Original
Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Researchs : 3.1.0003A
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