Visual display of the Royal (Packet, 1904-1918)

Royal (Packet, 1904-1918)

  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Packet
  • BUILT: 1904 at Golconda, Illinois
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Stuck in ice at Madison, Indiana in December 1917. Struck the Madison, Indiana wharf and was wrecked, February 12, 1918
  • OWNERS: J.M. Anderson
  • RIVERS: Ohio River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 4861; Around 1915 she ran the Louisville-Kentucky River trade. After being stuck in ice for a couple months at Madison, Indiana, she struck the wharf and was wrecked on February 12, 1918
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Photo by Alene Stottlebower
  • Royal (B)


Stottlebower, Alene
Local identifier
  • Neg. 22459
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