NGStrayFind010, Narrative Relief

  • ca. 0100 - ca. 0299
  • End section of a relief. The right portion of the panel on the right is missing. The remainder shows a figure prostrate with his head on the ground. Six other figures are in the panel including three partial figures towards the top, one of whom seems to fly above the scene, the other two perched above a doorframe. Emerging from a doorway on the left is a female figure in front of whom stands an ascetic, note the topknot, turned towards her. The iconography suggests that the panel depicts the story of Sumita, as ascetic and Buddha to be, who buys flowers from a young woman, throws them towards the Buddha Dīpankara, lays before the Buddha with his hair on the ground on which the Buddha can step to avoid muddying his feet. Separating this panel from the adjoining one, is a Gandhāran – Corinthian pilaster with a figure on its shaft. The second panel shows a standing Buddha and five other figures along with a tree in the background. A youthful figure extends his hand towards the Buddhas though making an offering. While damaged it seems the Buddha holds a bowl down to accept the offering. This scene perhaps depicts the Offering of Dust made by a small boy. The front of the pilaster at the edge has a robed figure standing with his arm on chest inside the robe. On the outside edge, the pillar is decorated with a vegetative motif. There are tenons at the top of the stone.

Publication Details

ca. 0100 - ca. 0299
Description of Original
Green Schist, 6" x 19" x 3"
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