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Visual display of the NG311, Figured Relief

  1. Buddha and devotees
  2. Black and white photo
  3. B&W detail - left panel and pillar

NG311, Figured Relief

  • ca. 0100-ca. 0299
  • Fragment of a flat relief with two panels remaining. Each panel depicts a seated and haloed Buddha on a low platform with right hand in abhayamudrā and the left hand holding the edge of his garment. The us̥n̥īs̥a is prominent and earlobes are elongated. On either side of the halo, stylized radiating branches are depicted. On either side of the Buddha, two monks stand facing the Buddha with hands in añjalimudrā. The panels are divided by an empanelled Gandharan- Corinthian column. Above, is a horizontal moulding decorated a decoration of lanceolate leaves simplified to a pattern of diamond shapes. On the top of the stone, grooves ending in a socket and a deep socket at the center. There is a tenon at the bottom. Broken on both the right and left sides. See also, NG119, NG275, NG280, NG291, and NG326, all found in the same general area; also NG007 a surface find. NG280, NG291, NG311 and NG326 share the same tenon and groove/socket pattern.
  • Location found: Level 3, Stūpa 18 S